Premiere: Take A Tour Of The Athens Park Section Of South Central With Quincey White In New Video For “Los Scandalous Times”

Rookie rapper, Quincey White raps with a voracious flow and deep hunger pangs combined with grownman wordplay. None of that bubble gum ghetto talk coming from the OverDeliver signee. The standout record from his latest project, The 7, is the scorching track titled, “Los Scandalous Times.”

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Today, VIBE linked with Q. White to premiere the brand new visuals for the sizzling track. Directed by Yellow Nguyen, who catches vivid shots of Q. White’s Athens Park neighborhood. AP is where the budding rhymer received a Ph.D. from the school of hard knocks, which armed him with mature content to lay down in the studio.

“Eventually we rose, like roses out the concrete/All this work we been putting lately need a timesheet/I’m penny pinching/Keep that Bentley until I’m paid in full/Raging Bull, Jimmy Butler that’s for any sucker/I see the Feds when I’m strolling down my timeline/A FBI van circling my block searching for some Wi-Fi,” raps White.

Earlier this year, VIBE caught the 30-year-old at a listening session for The 7, where he recalled his early experiences with recording.

“The first time I went to the studio– I started rapping when I was 13-years-old. I loved it,” recalled the rapper formerly known as Dubb. “That was better than playing basketball. And I loved Basketball. Wanted to go to the NBA. After I recorded my first song, I knew that I wanted to do this.”

Q continues:

“I always tried to make money off music. Obviously, we dibbled and dabbled in the street shit. But we was trying to stay out in the streets and that’s what motivated me to go hard with the music.”

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