Three Original Copies Of Prince’s “Black Album” Reportedly On The Market For $15,000


Prince’s legacy will live on forever, and now die-hard fans can get one more piece of the legendary artist’s catalogue. Five original vinyl copies of the singer’s Black Album have surfaced, and three of them are being sold for $15,000 each, reports Rolling Stone.

Initially, Warner Bros. Music pressed about 500,000 copies of the album back in 1987, but the “Purple Rain” singer demanded the albums be destroyed because he deemed the body of work “evil,” and emphasized it should never be released.

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In 1994, the singer briefly allowed some copies of the record to be sold by CD and cassette, but no vinyl copies were created. Reportedly, only three American copies of the Black Album have surfaced within the last 30 years.

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In a twist of events, former Warner Bros. Executive President Jeff Gold received a message from an old colleague stating he found five copies of Prince’s obscure album in two sealed Warner Bros. mailers.

“I naturally assumed it was a fake,” Gold said of the random occurrence, “but wrote a polite response back that one really couldn’t tell if it was genuine unless you opened up the record and inspected it, and that almost all of them were unfortunately not authentic.”

Eventually, he remembered who his old co-worker was and began to believe the peculiar situation. “I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “In a few minutes, we were talking on the phone for the first time in many years.”

The employee sent Gold three copies of the record to sell for $15,000 each at his music memorabilia store, Record Mecca. At press time, the Black Album is being sold for a reported $20,000 a piece.