Thieves Rob R. Kelly’s Atlanta-Area Homes Dry

Seems like R. Kelly is learning the hard lesson of keeping squares out of his circle. While on tour in New Orleans during Thanksgiving weekend, two of the singer’s homes were broken into and nearly emptied out, WXIA reports. Investigators were able to tie the thefts to one of Kelly’s associates named Alfonso Walker.

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According to the police report obtained by the local Atlanta news station, the housekeeper arrived to clean Kelly’s home on Old Homestead Trail on Nov. 27 only to find an almost empty house. Police discovered his other home nearby, on Saint Devon Crossing, had been burglarized as well. Completely wiped clean, nearly everything was taken including furniture, electronics and other property, TMZ reports.

Three men caught leaving one of the houses in a van were brought in for questioning. They told police they were hired by Walker to sell everything because Kelly was relocating to Chicago. After being granted a search warrant for Walker’s home, law enforcement found some of Kelly’s property there.

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Walker is currently wanted on two counts of burglary, two counts of theft by taking and two counts of theft by deception.