White Figurine With It’s Foot On Black Figurine’s Neck Removed From Detroit Dollar Store

Representation is important, even when it comes to ceramic figurines. One depicting a white cherub stomping on the head of a black cherub has rightfully rubbed the shoppers of a store in Detroit the wrong way.

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WXYZ reports Monday (Dec. 19) a customer from Super Dollar Center in Lincoln Park posted a photo of the problematic figurines on Facebook, questioning the decision of the races. The failed figurines attempted to depict Archangel Michael defeating Satan, except Archangel Michael is presumed to be white while Satan is black.

The Facebook user requested the store manager identified as Mike to take down the figurines. “To be honest with you, all I care about are my customers. I care about my customers, so when they say they don’t like something this I’ll take it back,” he told the outlet. “Someone said something, but I didn’t think it was that serious.”

It’s unknown where the figurines were imported from or the name of the company Super Dollar Center purchased them from.

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