Suspect in R. Kelly Robbery Claims To Have Been “Set Up”


According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, 50-year-old Alfonso Walker, a suspect in the burglary of R. Kelly’s Atlanta homes, was arrested Tuesday (Dec. 5) after claiming to be “set up” and refusing to turn himself in.

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The robberies were first reported by Kelly’s housekeeper on Nov. 26 and took place over the course of a week while the entertainer was on tour. As told by Captain Christopher Byers of the Johns Creek Police Department, neighbors noticed vehicles in front of Kelly’s homes but didn’t find it suspicious because “the robbers were doing it in broad daylight and not acting like typical robbers.”

When Walker, who is described by Byers as a former associate of Kelly’s, used to do “odds and ends jobs” for the singer and when asked why he stole from his friend gave authorities several stories.

“The first statement to investigators was that Mr. Kelly owed him money,” Byers stated. “He said things as ‘I’m being set up.’ ”

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And while some of the stolen items have been returned to R. Kelly, there still is no official dollar estimate of how much was taken. Following his short evasion of custody, Walker has since been arrested. To which, R. Kelly and his team, have released a statement thanking the authorities for their contributions.

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