Roy Moore Tried To Convince Black Churchgoers He Isn’t A Sexual Predator By Reading A Christmas Poem


U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore reportedly visited a predominantly black church in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday (Dec. 2), in an attempt to sway voter support and deflect from the numerous reports of sexual misconduct against women and teenagers. Not only did Moore attend the service at the Guiding Light Church, but he also addressed the congregation.

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Although Moore suggested he wasn’t there to talk about politics, he couldn’t help but add that he would “appreciate your support,” reports. Following the not-so-subtle plug, he then read a Christmas-themed poem he allegedly wrote himself.

While Bishop Jim Lowe, assured everyone Moore’s attendance was standard for the church, as they usually invite candidates of both parties to services, numerous churchgoers were reportedly outraged by Moore’s appearance in their divine service. Parishioner Charlene Cannon told that some women turned their heads away while Moore was speaking.

“He has no respect for women,” Cannon said. “And dealing with these young ladies, he hasn’t explained that. If there were just one or two, it’s their word against his. But as many as have come out, my momma used to tell me where there’s smoke there’s fire, and this has been smoldering for a while.Moore has been accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl when he was 32. Since the initial story was broken by.”

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As previously reported, Moore has been accused of sexually assaulting nine women and making inappropriate advances at teenagers. Besides the fact that he is an alleged pedophile, he hasn’t demonstrated the most respect for the black community either. In fact, Moore previously questioned the validity of President Obama’s U.S. citizenship, as as well as stated that U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison should not be in office because he is Muslim, Al reports.

It doesn’t look like Moore will be winning over the black vote in Alabama.