Russ Shows Vulnerability On New Song, “Lean On You”


Russ’s There’s Really a Wolf is one of the highly slept on albums of 2017. Nearly eight months after the project’s release, the Roswell, GA. native returns with a brand new freebie dubbed, “Lean on You.”

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Russ, on the self-produced slow burning ballad, offers his shoulders, heart and ears to his significant other.

“You got me, I got ya/Mi casa su casa/Even through our 70’s, ’70s like Donna/Ice or the lava/You lean on me, I lean on you/If you need a breakdown/You can take a break now/I pick up the pieces/Put ‘em back in place now/We just build each other up/You lean on me, I lean on you,” sings Russ.

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“Lean on You” follows a series of collaborations with Scott Storch, which were released in October.

Stream the song below.

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