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Starz Recognizes The Power Of 50 Cent By Extending His Overall Deal

Starz CEO and president Chris Albrecht made it clear that both he and his network are fully aware of 50 Cent’s power, as he announced Wednesday (Dec. 13) Starz will extend their overall deal with the mogul into September of 2019.

“This deal recognizes how Curtis’ abilities have gone beyond music and business to include acting and show creation,” Albrecht said speaking to Variety . “We’re pleased to continue our relationship and bring new projects to his current and future fans.”

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The relationship Albrecht mentioned began in 2013 when the network agreed to create and premiere Power, a series that 50 is an executive producer of and also stars in. This became a profitable decision for both parties as the show, now entering its fifth season, averaged close to 9.3 viewers an episode last year making it one of TV most popular series. Because of this, it seemed as though this extension was inevitable. Yet, the details of this agreement go past just the continuation of Power.

With this new deal, 50 has been given range to create and produce several different films and televisions series, like his movie about Black Mafia Family Boss, Big Meech, which is already in the works.

That creative control is something the rapper is “extremely pleased” about stating that through this new partnership his G-Unit Television and Film company will premiere “a wide range of new, original, scripted and unscripted programming.”

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And while this is a potentially profitable move for 50 Cent, he has a track record of delivering fans quality content that gives the allure that it is about more than just the money. From his film debut in Get Rich or Die Tryin to his Instagram posts, 50 has consistently been committed to entertainment throughout his lengthy tenure. This paired with a network like Starz gives fans much to anticipate from G-Unit Films and Television.

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