Stephen A. Smith Discusses ‘Emotional Expression’ Of White And Black Athletes


Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith discussed the recent video of Tom Brady screaming at offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the sidelines, stating that if the New England Patriots player was black, his reaction would have elicited a different response.

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“If he were black, we would be going off about it,” Smith said on his show First Take. “What I am attacking is the inconsistency of Joe or Susie public out there who would be quick to denigrate a black athlete if he was on the sideline acting that way. He’d be cited for insubordination.”

“He would be perceived as completely out of control, temper tantrum — maybe he has some anger management issues and needs to take a course or something along those lines.” Smith also discussed the double-standard of black and white athletes when it comes to how the media perceives their emotion. White athletes are “committed to success,” while black athletes are “angry.” “I think the white athlete is judged differently than the black athlete when it comes to emotional expressions,” he continued. “I believe that black folks are customarily, if not religiously, labeled and characterized as angry as opposed to white individuals being perceived as just being emotional and very, very much invested and committed to success. It’s a double standard, it’s flagrant, but it’s been going on for decades, if not centuries.”

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Listen to his comments here.