Steve Lacy Says New Internet Album Is Almost “95 Percent” Completed

As we enter 2018, Syd, Matt Martian, Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith and Steve Lacy– aka The Internet–have new music ready for our ears.

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Lacy, the talented guitarist and surprise vocalist, shared the details with Matt Wilkinson of Beats 1 recently along with reflections on 2017. The 19-year-old’s year was full of creative leaps, such as the release of Steve Lacy’s Demo and collaborations with Kendrick Lamar (“PRIDE”),  Tyler, The Creator (“911/Mr. Lonely”) and Goldlink (“Some Girl). While time has passed since the 2015 release of The Internet’s Ego Death project, Lacy says new music is just around the corner.

“I feel like after this one last weekly run it’ll be at 95%,” he said. “It’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s so many things. And really I’m just thinking about the change component. Because I know off of Ego Death to where I am now it’s been a dramatic shift. It’s not the same as it was when that came out. I feel like this is on a higher echelon than Ego Death. I love Ego Death, that was a great record, but I know this one is a step up.”

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Ego Death featured plenty of relaxing grooves like “Special Affair” and “For The World,” anchored by Syd. This time around however, Lacy shared how they may share vocals on the project. “Well I’m singing on the album a bit more with Syd,” he said. “I sing on a hook with her. Dang, I feel like I ruined the surprise now.”

The self-proclaimed “plaid” crooner’s impressive collaborations cemented his spot as a multifaceted musical creative. “All of them were special to me in some way you know,” he said of Kendrick and Tyler’s projects as well as his own work. “And all of them together have changed everything for the better of course. Stuff is different, it’s the same as it was before. It almost feels like a past life; like I’m a whole other person now. It’s different, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.”

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Lacy also shared his upcoming “Timbaland / Aaliyah” moment he’ll have with NEXT alumna Ravyn Lanae. For the first time, Lacy produce an entire project. He described the moment as exciting thanks to the easy flow of creativity. “When I got the opportunity I looked at is as like – YES, this is my Pharrell / Kelis, my Timbaland / Aaliyah, my J*Davey moment. I had to take it,” he said. “It was dope because she’s so young and she’s not locked into a certain style or vocal range so anything I’d giver she’s like ‘I got you.’ That’s what I love most about this project. It’s also a different producer side of me.”

Check out the interview below.

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