Terrence Howard’s Response To Viral “Mayne” Challenge Only Spawns More Memes


A new viral challenge has tested the creativity levels of Twitter users yet again. According to The Root, Terrence Howard became the subject of comedy when a social media user called for the Empire actor’s face to be superimposed over a Jedi’s.

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Then the subject of Howard’s inescapable use of “mayne” from 2005’s Hustle & Flow came into play when another Twitter user posted a video of Howard saying it 257 times in the Oscar-nominated film. Shadow & Act even repurposed a seven-minute supercut of that moment.

The trip down memory lane didn’t stop there though. An old interview with Jamie Foxx on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” resurfaced where he impersonated Howard and his catchphrase after the latter said Foxx’s music was mediocre.

Now back to present day, Howard let a couple of days go by before he decided to join in on the challenge and posted a viral video of himself repeatedly saying “mayne” in different scenarios.

His reaction only sparked a chain of responses of those who decided to cash in on the fun.

Check out previous creations below.