Tiffany Haddish Put Barbra Streisand On To Cardi B

If there’s anything we can take away from 2017, it’s that Tiffany Haddish has the ability to brighten anyone’s day. The Girls Trip star stopped by Ellen and spoke with the host about her whirlwind year.

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The comedian detailed her experience meeting legendary singer Barbra Streisand at a recent dinner party. She explained Cardi B’s music- specifically “Bodak Yellow- to the “Memory” songbird. The twosome also found common ground in being that they’re both from “the hood” of their respected states (Streisand is from Brooklyn, while Haddish hails from South Central).

“We both ghetto chicks, it’s just different times!” Haddish laughed. “Different demographics, all’a that! Yet so similar.”

The Last Black Unicorn author also discussed that after her stint on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, she went to musical guest Taylor Swift’s house and brought over her specially-made collard greens, in exchange for Swift making her “barbecue chicken, potato salad and a brisket.”

“When I pick my greens, I smile,” she said. “When I wash the greens, I smile, when I cut ‘em up, I smile, and when I cook ‘em, I smile. I call ‘em ‘joyful greens’!”

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We never need anyone else to tell a story ever again unless their name is Tiffany Haddish. Watch below.