Colin Kaepernick Makes TIME Magazine’s Shortlist For ‘Person Of The Year’


In 1924 during a slow news week, the then editors of TIME magazine created the Person of The Year series. Since then, everyone from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to Adolph Hitler have earned the distinction. On Monday morning (Dec. 4) the publication revealed its shortlist of candidates, and the names may be  surprising to some.

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After a tumultuous first year in office, Donald Trump may again earn the title. Last week, the president took to Twitter to allege he turned down TIME because he didn’t want to conduct an interview. TIME quickly refuted Trump’s claims.

Along with Trump, Kim Jong Un has also been named as a possible contender for the title. The North Korean leader has ignited fears of a nuclear war for many Americans with his constant missile testing. If you’re convinced TIME is set on giving the recognition to not so groovy people, all isn’t lost. Colin Kaepernick has also made the shortlist for his activism this year, along with the group that started the hashtag #MeToo, which brought sexual harassment in America to a forefront.

Many have wondered what does it mean to be TIME’s Person of The Year. Former Managing Editor Walter Isaacson wrote, the distinction isn’t necessarily one of praise. “The person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year, for better or for worse.”

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If you could choose one person or group you feel best encompassed 2017 who would it be? Sound it off in the comments. The magazine will announce its choice Wednesday. (Dec. 6)