Twitter Enforces Stricter Rules On Abusive Content, Suspends White Nationalists’ Accounts

After much scrutiny, Twitter has decided to proactively work towards muting hateful and abusive content on its platform. Although the social media site announced there would be changes a month ago; on Monday (Dec. 18) a breakdown of the new rules and updates were posted to the blog.

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“Specific threats of violence or wishing for serious physical harm, death, or disease to an individual or group of people is in violation of our policies,” Twitter wrote in its blog post.


These new updates also have an effect on the way monitors at the company will weigh hateful imagery in the same way they do graphic violence and adult content.

“Some forms of graphic violence, adult content, or hateful imagery may be permitted in Tweets when they are marked as sensitive media. However, you may not include this type of content in live video, or in profile or header images,” Twitter wrote in its media policy.

Britain First, a far-right group which regularly posts inflammatory videos purporting to show Muslims engaged in acts of violence, was among the first to go dark. The individual accounts of two of its leaders, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding, were also suspended. This is the same group that President Trump retweeted an anti-Muslim video from back in November.

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#TwitterPurge has become a growing hashtag as users have taken to the app to sound off about their feelings on the new updates.