It’s 2017 And White People Still Can’t Believe Black People Fly First Class


An estimated average of 2.58 million passengers fly the U.S. sky each day. Studies have shown that roughly 40 percent of passengers are those of color. Whether it’s heading to Dubai for vacation or New York for business, more people–especially black people–are traveling.

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While this may not be news to you, it seemed to be for one woman who really didn’t believe a black man belonged in first class. Facebook user Emmit Walker shared the hilarity behind the very awkward moment  on Tuesday (Dec. 5). Walker, a businessman and lover of cats, was thrilled to enjoy his birthday in the Dominican Republic. While at the airport, Walker posted the now-viral photo of an interaction he had with a white woman.

The unidentified woman didn’t want to believe Walker had a first class ticket, allowing him to be in the priority seating line of his soon-to-depart flight.

The interaction was simple, but also showed just how much implicit bias effects daily interactions. We’re sure her caucasian bredren wouldn’t have gotten the same nudging questions about his ticket.

Be prepared to see more people of color in first class in 2018 and beyond, folks.

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