Woman Arrested After Posing As Child’s Father And Sending Death Threats To Herself


Estranged relationships involving children are bound to cause a bit of drama, but catfishing yourself is just another level of theatricals.

Lisa Marie Garcia was arrested Thursday (Nov. 30) after it was revealed she was posing as her ex-boyfriend through various social media sites while sending herself death threats. Her plan kept Brandon Berrott in jail, as she would send the fake threats to herself every time he was released from police custody.

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Texas’ ABC13 reports the so called “threats” began in September when the first message said he was going to kill her. Garcia created a fake Facebook/Instagram social media accounts and even registered a phone number in Berrott’s name. She then sent messages to herself and another woman Berrott shared children with.

As a result, Berrott was hit with at least seven charges, ranging from retaliation, terroristic threat, and protective order violation in a 10-day period in October 2016. Since it looked like he was contacting Garcia, the messages proved Berrott was in direct violation of breaking his probation by contacting her.

Garcia’s plan began to unravel when one of the messages was sent while Berrott was in police custody for another threatening message.


Berrott’s defense attorney, Carl Moore, told reporters Garcia’s motive rested in the couple’s custody battle and wanted to paint her ex in a bad light. As the charges racked up, Berott was fired from his job at Goose Creek ISD’s warehouse.

“She wanted him to revoke his parental rights, and he said, ‘No, I want to be in my child’s life,’“ Moore said. “When you read the messages, I believe you could tell that they were written by a female that was scorned.”

He also called out the Baytown Police Department for allowing the case to get messy “without doing the proper investigation.” After hearing of Berrott’s innocence, his previous employer allowed him to reapply for his position. Although Berrott’s charges have been dropped, Moore is hoping to get them expunged from his record.

Garcia is currently being held on a $10,000 bond with charges of retaliation and three counts of online harassment.

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