Ben Carson Delivers Touching MLK Speech While Being Trump’s Black Pawn

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was used as a pawn Friday (Jan. 12), along with Ben Carson, who stood next to No. 45 amid his racist comments towards African and Haitian natives.

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In an attempt to ignore the backlash from his “sh*thole countries” comment, Trump signed a proclamation for Dr. Martin Luther King. Carson, who is the current secretary of Housing and Urban Development, gave a heartfelt speech about the civil rights icon. Carson recalled the day of MLK’s assassination with emotive lucidity and engaged pathos, throughout. “This year we will not remember his slaying as the ending, but as a beginning,” he said. “As a moment when his truth rose stronger than hatred and his cause larger than death.”

Carson was present alongside MLK’s nephew, Newton Farris, Jr. for the posthumous receipt of MLK’s historic site, signed into legislation on Wednesday (Jan. 10). Trump’s strategy was to welcome a black holiday as a national possession in order to distract from suspicions of racism and the blame is mostly his own.

Unfortunately, Carson and Farris Jr. supported the president’s ignorant ideologies simply by standing there.

It seemed like the only person looking to uncover the truth was journalist April Ryan, who can be heard asking, “President Trump, are you a racist?”

Watch the press conference above.

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