Twitter Is Imagining What Hogwarts Would Be Like If It Were All Black

J.K. Rowling’s popular series, Harry Potter has found its way onto the book shelves of so many children around the world. No matter the background, millions have fallen in love with Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the magical world of Hogwarts. While the series, along with the movie adaptations, are certified classics, the Internet recently launched the hashtag #BlackHogwarts, reimagining what the world would be like if it was inhabited by solely black characters.

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To say the least, Black Twitter took the hashtag and completely ran with it. Some people posted hilarious GIFs about what it would be like in the cafeteria, while others imagined scenarios in which Hogwarts was under attack.

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To make it even funnier, some even inserted real-life rappers into the fictional world. One person said that Birdman would be Lord Voldemort, a.k.a. “He Who Must Not Be Named,” while Diddy, Soulja Boy in others were also in the world.

Speaking of a magical black universe, the Lucas Brothers might’ve been the first to think of the idea. In an interview with VIBE back in Apr. 2017, the bros suggested an alternative world filled with black magic. “We’re currently developing a TV show with TBS. It takes place in an alternate universe (laughs),” they said. “This is a historically black magic universe. So it’s like an HBCU, but more a hybrid of magic university so we’re getting taught black magic and how to defend wizards against the universe. It’s gonna be super trippy.”

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