A Bronx Mother And Her 14-Year-Old Son Arrested On Murder Charges

Like The Corleone’s uptown spinoff, crime seems to be an inherent trait for this Bronx family, as Shamika Mosley, 34, and her 14-year-old son were both arrested and charged with murder.

The news of these arrests came late Thursday (Jan. 25) after Mosley and her son were identified for their role in the December 11 killing of 61-year-old Calixto Palacios.

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As reported by the New York Daily News, on the morning of Palacios’ death, a concerned neighbor thought to call the police after the then-unidentified Mosley answered the door of the victim’s Fordham Heights home, telling the neighbor that Palacios was “not here.”

This resulted in police responding to this peculiar interaction expecting to find the suspicious woman, yet instead, they discovered Palacios alone, dead as the result of seven stab wounds.

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While the motive for the murder is still unclear, police suspect that Mosely – who has been arrested for robbery and drug possession in the past – was attempting to rob the victim in a theft gone wrong. And similar to its motive, her teenage son’s role in the crime is hazy as well. Yet, despite this, they both have been arrested on robbery and murder charges.

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