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C-Murder Joins Hunger Strike To Protest "Inhumane Conditions" At Louisiana's Angola Prison

The incarcerated rapper is demanding an "internal affairs investigation." 

Inmates at Angola Prison in West Feliciana Parrish, La. are uniting in protest of injustice and "inhumane" conditions inside the facility, and C-Murder is adding his voice to the fray. The 46-year-old incarcerated rapper, born Corey Miller, has joined fellow inmates in a hunger strike.

In a recorded statement to AllHipHop.com published Tuesday (Jan. 30), Miller, who was sentenced to life on a murder conviction, shed light on some of the deplorable conditions inside the Louisiana state penitentiary where “brutality” and “handcuffed inmates are a norm.”

“I am now on a hunger strike to fight these injustices against my peers and myself,” the Louisiana native said while calling out Angola’s warden Darrel Vannoy and assistant warden, Barrett Boeker. Miller said that he filed racial harassment charges against the assistant warden and was retaliated against by being placed in a "dungeon" segregated from other inmates. He also claims that the warden has an “abundant amount” of physical, harassment, and racial complaints filed against him by inmates.

“Only in Louisiana can a warden be arrested for rape…and continue to serve as an officer in this Louisiana Penal System,” Miller said in reference to Boeker’s 2016 arrest on a second-degree rape charge. Boeker was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his home, located on prison grounds.

According to  The AdvocateBoeker was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. A grand jury opted not to indict him.

In 2017, Boeker’s accuser Priscilla Lefebure, who is also his wife’s cousin, filed a federal lawsuit against him along with West Feliciana Parrish, District Attorney Sam D'Aquilla, and Sherrif J. Austin Daniel. In the suit, Lefebure accused Daniel and D'Aquilla of colluding to protect Boeker from prosecution.

Later that year,  a 13-year-old girl visiting Angola was reported to have been raped by an inmate after the two were seen leaving a bathroom at the same time during a prison rodeo. An investigation concluded that no sexual misconduct took place.

In 2015,  Vannoy was announced as interim warden, taking over for Burl Cain, who held the position for two decades before retiring following an auditor's report that revealed that he had prisoners working at his home, and reportedly used state funds for personal purchases.

Earlier in the week, a former Angola prison major was found guilty of conspiring to cover up the 2014 brutal beating of an inmate by falsifying records and lying under oath. Miller noted that the ongoing corruption at Angola calls for an immediate “internal affairs investigation,” as the inmates will not be able to survive in such "intolerable and inhumane conditions.”

“We seek help and assistance from our public and lawmakers,” Miller stated. “Angola is a disaster. In a moment's notice we can die from voicing our opinion, but our voice must be heard.”

Listen to his full statement below.

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The new statue plucks Aaliyah straight from a frame in her 2000 “Try Again” music video, where she dons her signature leather pants and metallic bra, belt and choker set (which is still a Halloween costume staple to this day).

“It was clear right away it would be the ‘Try Again’ look for our Aaliyah figure,” he says via email statement. “The look has the sexy, edgy, timeless vibe we try to imbue in the Las Vegas attraction within all our creative choices. Mining popular culture as only Madame Tussauds can, our desire to honor Aaliyah and the look in this way was only confirmed as we see today’s Hollywood stars like KeKe Palmer, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, also paying homage by recreating their own favorite moments of the Princess of R&B.”

Aside from Morey, one of the critical voices in ensuring the accuracy of this endeavor was that of Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad Haughton, who Morey says granted “unprecedented access” and helped guide the creative decisions for the figure.

“I was involved in the process from the inception of the project,” Haughton says via email statement. “The team at Madame Tussauds welcomed a collaborative effort in choosing the pose and look of my sister's figure. They made sure my mother and I were comfortable and supported through an amazing but understandably emotional process.”

Morey and the sculptors, painters and stylists in the museum’s Acton Studios in London, worked to make sure that all of the Haughton family’s requests for Aaliyah’s likeness were honored, right on down to her tattoos. “One thing we made sure to include was all of my sister's tattoos,” Haughton says. “They are all quite hidden because my sister chose strategic places for them due to her on-camera film work. We know how devout and knowledgeable her fans are and the great artists at Madame Tussauds have no limitations to their abilities when it comes to detail.”

Now, whenever guests make their way to the museum to see the statue, they’ll know it was crafted in love and in reverence of her legacy.

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Questlove To Executive Produce Broadway Musical About ‘Soul Train’

Soul Train, the audacious dance series that proudly spotlighted black culture while showcasing performances from legendary artists such as Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and more, is the focus of a new Broadway musical with Queslove as executive producer, Deadline reports.

The Roots drummer, who authored the 2013 book Soul Train: The Music, Dance and Style of a Generation, will executive produce the musical alongside, Tony Corneilus, son of Soul Train host and creator, Don Corneilus. Having worked directly with his father for “several years,” Cornelius’ son expressed gratitude for the impact that the series “has had on the culture at large,” both stateside and abroad.

Playwright Dominique Moriseeau, director Kamilah Forbes, and choreographer Camille A. Brown, are also included in the musical's production team. In a statement to Deadline, Morisseau said that she can’t wait to collaborate with a “legendary creative team of incredible women to celebrate the history and the unsung hero of our nation’s longest running televised music and dance series.”

More than 20 hits from the era are set to be featured in the musical, which will also detail Cornelius’ story in the early days of creating the series. Soul Train debuted in October 1971, and took its final bow in March of 2006. Cornelius died by suicide in 2012.

The musical is slated to debut in 2021, corresponding with the 50th anniversary of Soul Train’s television debut.

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Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" Is No Longer The Number One Song In America

Lil Nas X's bonafide smash "Old Town Road" has been dethroned from its unprecedented 19-week run at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

According to the publication, rising alt-pop star Billie Eilish now has the No. 1 song in the country with her track "Bad Guy." The song has been sitting at No. 2 for nine weeks straight. Lil Nas X, who collaborated with the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, Mason Ramsey and more superstars for various remixes of the song, congratulated the 17-year-old on her first No. 1 hit via Twitter.

"Old Town Road" now holds the No. 3 spot behind  Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's "Señorita."

The Atlanta musician catapulted to fame after "Old Town Road" made the rounds. Initially, it was removed from Billboard's Country chart for reportedly not implementing enough elements of the genre. Since then, it has shattered records and expectations.

Just a few weeks ago, it became the longest-running No. 1 in American music history, breaking a record held by Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber (for "One Sweet Day" and "Despacito," respectively).

Lil Nas X has a lot to be proud of. Congrats on a historic run.

congratulations to billie eilish!! u deserve this!!

— nope (@LilNasX) August 19, 2019

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