Cardi B & Offset’s Wedding Playlist May Include Music From Al B. Sure & Grace Jones

The always outspoken Cardi B sat down with Beats 1 Radio host Julie Adenuga last week (Jan. 10) to discuss her new album, pet peeves and her relationship with beau Offset.

Cardi, who is set to perform at the Grammys with Bruno Mars, shared her love for the finer things in life like her Bentley truck. Ironically, the 25-year-old has yet to drive since she doesn’t carry a driver’s license. “Somebody who has been taking the train their whole life, to have a luxury car is like, “Oh snap!,” she said. “I’ll look at my car sometimes, and I can’t believe that’s my car, I cannot believe I bought it.”

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She also mentioned that her tangerine Bentley will definitely get a plug on her future album as well as affordable brands like Fashion Nova and Steve Madden. “Yes, you’re gonna hear about Fashionova, you’re gonna hear about Steve Madden, because you wanna know something, not everybody can afford bloody shoes, that’s true,” she said.

There may even be a few love songs featured on the album as Cardi says she recorded one song inspired by the rumors of Offset’s cheating scandal that broke the Internet a few weeks back.  “I’ll tell you that (yesterday) I did a love song, and while I was doing the verse I just kept thinking about a couple of months back when me and hmmm (Offset), wasn’t on really good terms and I was getting really pissed off and really emotional and I was like who cares I got a ring…So you know what I’m saying,” said Cardi.

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The rapper didn’t drop too many hints about her wedding to the Migos member, but she did share a bit of her wedding playlist. “I don’t know what song he’ll pick, I know the one that I’ll pick,” she said of their first dance tune. “I’m not gonna say it because I’m not gonna sound sensitive [but] it’s between, Al B. Sure! or Grace Jones.”

We gotta admit, their first dance as a couple to “Night & Day” would be pretty cute.

Watch the interview up top.

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