Mother Left With No Answers After Child Returns Home From School With Broken Arms

A woman from New York has enlisted a attorney to help find answers about injuries her 6-year-old son sustained at his school’s after-school program.

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Pix 11 reports Krystal Alejandro picked up her son from an after-school program at Brooklyn’s P.S. 106 before the holiday break. She quickly noticed something was wrong when his arms were broken. She tried to get answers from the school, but no one was able to tell her exactly what happened.

“It’s a horrible situation – me as a parent thinking that I can’t go to work because I don’t know if my son is safe,” Alejandro said. “It’s just a horrible feeling to see the pain that he went through.”

Alejandro hired attorney Marcel Florestal, who has gotten the runaround from employees of the school and the program. “The principal is pointing fingers at the after-school program, saying ‘well it’s not us, it’s not DOE’s problem, it’s the after-school’s program problem,'” he said. “Nobody wants to be accountable.”

He plans to file a notice of claim against the city in hopes of finding out the truth. The school says an investigation about the incident has been launched.

DOE spokesperson Miranda Barbot said the investigation is being taken seriously. “The safety of students and staff is our top priority,” she said. “We are treating this with the utmost seriousness.”

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