Chris Brown Gives His Own “State of the Union”


Chris Brown takes a departure from the love songs and party anthems on his latest song “State of the Union.” After last night’s (Jan 30) cringe-worthy address from President Trump, Breezy uses his massive reach to help instill some hope in the hearts of his listeners — and the world.

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“Dreaming all the time, thinking to myself/If I’m man enough, if I’m good enough for you/I keep thinking about when you said/I know I wasn’t ready for it, guess I was too scared,” sings Chris Brown on the song. “Wasn’t prepared for what life had to bring me/I just wanted to be free, or someone to need me/Every day I’m feeling like I can’t breathe, no/I can’t sleep, got the weight of the world on me/But it’s alright, alright, alright/It ain’t a surprise, surprise, surprise/Gotta do what you gotta do where I’m from/I’ma shoot if I gotta shoot, I don’t like guns/But everybody hating, where the love at?”

Listen to “State of the Union” below.