Chromeo & The-Dream Share New Song “Bedroom Calling”


Batman has the bat signal, and Chromeo has the bedroom line. When that phone ring, you better pick it up.

That’s the vibe from the super-funky, finesse-dripping, absolutely stellar new tune from the funk-master duo and their latest collaborator, The-Dream. That dude has co-written some of the best pop songs this century, with classics like Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and more, besides a star-studded career of his own behind the mic. It’s no wonder Chromeo dreamt of climbing in the studio with him, too.

“We’ve been obsessed with The-Dream since ‘Fast Car’ from his first album [2007’s Love Hate],” Chromeo says in a joint statement. “To us, he’s a modern-day funk auteur, like Prince or El Debarge. This song pays homage to our favorite work of his.”

“Bedroom Calling” is quite honestly one of the best Chromeo songs we’ve heard in years. It’s fun and flirty, it’s catchy and cool, it’s funked-up to the max, and it’s all kinds of classic ’80s kitsch. We’re ready to set this tune to ringtone. It’s certainly a winner as second single from the band’s forthcoming LP Head Over Heels.

It also comes paired with the good news of a global tour. The Head Over Heels victory lap kicks off Tuesday, April 3, in Vancouver, Canada, then onward and outward until Chromeo has turned on the entire world with its live performances. Look out for the duo at Coachella and other festivals this summer.

This story was first posted to Billboard.