Conan O’Brien To Tape His Late Night Show In Haiti After Trump’s “Sh*thole” Comment

Donald Trump may have outdone himself after it was reported he referred to Haiti, El Salvador and Africa as “sh*thole countries,” a claim the president is vehemently denying. The racist and xenophobic rhetoric by Trump merited ire from Americans (and internationally) as well as on Twitter. However late night talk show host Conan O’Brien is doing more than just lighting up Trump’s mentions.

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According to The New York Daily News, the 54-year-old has decided to film his show Conan, in Haiti to prove to the president and those who agree with his sentiments that Haiti indeed isn’t a “sh*thole.”

The hour-long episode will most likely poke fun at Trump who reportedly turned down a pitch from bipartisan senators to save DACA immigrants, while also increasing boarder security. Trump has since taken to Twitter to refute the allegations claiming he used strong language but not what was reported.

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It’s unclear when O’Brien’s show will air, but this isn’t anything new for the comic. To mock Trump’s plans to build the wall, O’Brien traveled to Mexico and hired an all Mexican crew to film his show.

Well done, Conan. Well done.