Coolio Responds To ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” Mishap


One Jeopardy! contestant learned a hard lesson that resulted in a $3,200 loss. On a recent episode of the longstanding game show, Nick Spicher thought he correctly answered a question that called for the name of Coolio’s hit song for Dangerous Minds, but the mispronunciation of “Gangsta’s Paradise” cost him big time.

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Now, Coolio received news of his 1995 track’s revival and had some advice for Spicher. While the 54-year-old said he probably would’ve let the contestant get a pass, sticking true to the song’s spelling of the word “gangster” will keep you out of monetary trouble. However, Coolio also had a message for a certain demographic.

“But, let me explain something to you – and this is for white people: The -er will always get you in trouble. Never use the -er if you don’t have to use the -er,” he told TMZ.

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Watch below.

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