A Family Feud: Craig Sager Reportedly Leaves Children Out Of Will

While it is unknown whether or not Craig Sager watched The Godfather as thoroughly as JAY-Z did, what is public knowledge is the family of the late-sidelines reporter is indeed feuding. As of Tuesday  (Jan. 2) his children took to Twitter where they “thanked” their dearest father for leaving them out of his will.

“Nothing like getting served, pestered by Sherrifs & taken to court over a Will that myself and my sisters are not only 100% excluded from, but do not have any interest in contesting in the first place,” his son, Craig Sager II, tweeted. “Thanks, Dad.”

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Sager Jr’s sister, Kacy quickly cosigned his sentiments tweeting, “I support @CraigSagerJr finally coming clean about some of the dumbassery we’ve been dealing with. Family is everything and it’s incredibly painful to know others are trying to erase you from it.”

The tensions between the Sager children and their father’s estate seem to find origin in their step-mother, Stacy Sager. Prior to losing his battle with leukemia, Sager and his children were seemingly close. After being married twice and fathering five children in total, there were no public complaints about a strain within his mixed family while Sager was alive. In fact, before his entanglement in his father’s postmortem problems, Sager II and Craig, Sr. wrote a book together.

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Yet, it seems as though after Craig’s death, Stacy is asserting her legal power on to his children, an assumption that Sager II’s ex-girlfriend Brenna Simon commented during yesterday’s firestorm.

“Once (still married) Craig met this POS, she’s (Stacy) all that mattered. …Stacy doesn’t deserve the respect that TNT/NBA bestows on her. She’s a soulless home wrecker,” Simon tweeted. To which Kacy Sager confirmed by clapping back at an account that tried to correct Simons behavior.

As the season nears the excitement of All-Star Weekend, the debacle surrounding one of the most popular personalities in NBA history is especially disheartening and one that fans may hope will be resolved soon for the sake of Sager’s lasting legacy.