Exploring The Power Of Crystals & Black Wellness With Devi Brown

The prologue to Brooklyn’s winter seemed to warn us of the barren weather ahead, but inside Brooklyn’s Maha Rose Center for Healing was anything but nippy. A blend of Sufi and Reiki music played in the cozy space as the aromatic scent of palo santo filled the air. Relaxed and ready to explore the center was Devi Brown, the author behind Crystal Bliss, a go-to guide for mediation, crystals and other elements dedicated to your chakras.

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Brown’s story is a relatable one. Known for her work in the media realm with iHeartMedia, MTV and SiriusXM, the Los Angeles native enjoyed her wins, but a solemn nature began to take over. “Everyone says this is what success is supposed to look like, but why am I not ecstatic? Why don’t I feel settled? Why do I feel restless? I was stressed out because I didn’t know what I could do to feel more whole and fulfilled,” she explained.

Her self-discovery journey landed her spirit to a 10-day retreat with Deepak Chopra, where she learned how to meditate and more importantly, find her center again. While browsing tables full of stones and crystal pendants, there’s a wonder in Brown’s eyes as she explains the qualities of blue calcite and azurite crystals. “It shifted a lot in me and gave me the energy to be a seeker,” she says. “Once I learned that peace and how much better I felt and how present I can be, it lead me to a rabbit hole that made me think, ‘What is the best version of Devi I can be?’”

CREDIT: Josias Valdez

Over time, the commercialization of mediation has slowly included women but has gravely left out women of color. Crystals and their power are often overlooked as purification types like selenite wands and citrine stones are used for decoration. As black public consciousness has grown, spiritual curiously and ways to clear the mind of negative noise has grown with it. “We’re not really built to take on this much stress,” Brown explains of the now-traditional 24-hour news cycle and rush of social media. “Everything is in our hands now. I can watch a video that’s so tragic and in between like an outfit or a photo of a friend on social media. That’s not natural.”

CREDIT: Josias Valdez

Recently, entertainers like Erykah Badu and Azealia Banks have shared their love for crystals and the importance of self-awareness. There’s also black holistic practitioners spreading the word on social media. Take a trip with us in the video above as we explore the importance of black wellness and spiritual bliss with Devi Brown.

CREDIT: Josias Valdez

You can purchase Brown’s book, Crystal Bliss, Attract Love. Feed Your Spirit. Manifest Your Dreams., here.

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