Dave East Debuts Gritty Short Film “The Hated” (Featuring Nas)

Dave East has his own story to tell. When the Harlemite dropped Paranoia: A True Story back in August, he included a skit and a song featuring Nas both called “The Hated.” The Def Jam rapper tells the story of two childhood friends who came up together as drug dealers. East held off on dropping the video until he could provide more context in the prequel to the tale “Corey,” which appears on his most recent project Paranoia 2.

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This week, he brings both songs to life in his new short film called The Hated. With Nas on the intro, East details the full story of Corey and Anthony aka ‘Ant Live’. After turning cold-blooded and paranoid after he saw his friend die at a young age, Ant and his right-hand man Corey started hustling together. They were pulling in stacks of cash until Anthony got caught up by NYPD and was hauled off to Rikers.

Watch things go downhill from there in Dave East’s new short film The Hated featuring Nas below.