Diddy Says He Has “No Beef” With 50 Cent

If you’ve been following 50 Cent on Instagram you’d know he’s been having some fun teasing and taunting Sean “Diddy” Combs. The Power executive has a knack for comedic relief at the expense of others. He’s called Combs a “fruit biscuit” when he said, “N***a tried to make his eyes look all glossy,” he captioned of Puff’s 20th Anniversary XXL cover. “This n*** a fruit biscuit. LOL tune in 50Central 10:30 PM ON BET.”

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Since then, the post has been deleted but the pettiness hasn’t stopped. During an interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” 50 has even questioned Diddy’s sexuality.

The Queens native recalled a time when Combs reportedly made a comment that made him feel uncomfortable. “He said something to me a long time ago, at Chris Lighty’s wedding,” 50 recalled. “He told me he’d take me shopping. I looked at him like, ‘What’d you just say? Let me move, man, before I do something […],’ that’s something a guy says to a girl.”

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Now, Diddy is telling his side of the story. Interestingly enough, the music mogul doesn’t see 50 Cent as a threat. In fact, he thinks 50 “loves” him.

“I have no beef with 50. He loves me,” Diddy affirmed. “You really think that’s hate? When you really break it down, you’ve been out here a long time, you know he loves me.”

“When he does; that it’s like funny to me,” he continued. “I don’t really take it personal. I know he has a different sense of humor. He’s just not in my life. We don’t have to never cross paths. And I will never say nothing negative about him cause that’s just not me. Sometimes people that feel like they don’t like you and they act like that. They really love you. I’m not just saying it to say it. There’s something about me that has him on me all the time, and I’m not going nowhere.”

In addition to talking about 50, Puff also discussed being present at Mary J. Blige’s recent Hollywood Walk of Fame induction, and his future purchase of the Carolina Panthers.