Donald Trump Says His Approval Rating With African Americans Doubled

America’s “very stable genius” of a president Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday (Jan. 17) to boast his approval ratings with African Americans have doubled, when in fact it has not.

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According to CNN Trumps facts aren’t accurate. Only 15% of black Americans approved of Trump just days leading up to his inauguration in January and since then, it’s been bad news bears for the president. Per the weekly Gallop poll, only 6% of black Americans approve of the president’s current performance.

In December, CNN polling found that only 3% of African Americans were in agreement with the president’s practices, which is 91% lower than what Trump said.

Despite other outlets arguing against Trump’s numbers, it didn’t stop him from taking to social media to allege his improving relationship with African Americans after it was reported he referred to some African nation as sh*thole countries.

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After Trump tweeted his new and improved relationship, detractors quickly corrected

And to think, it’s only January.