It Appears That Donald Trump Doesn’t Know The Words To The National Anthem

In this week’s edition of “Y’all’s President,” Donald Trump made an appearance at the NCAA college football championship in Atlanta Monday (Jan. 9).

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He was escorted onto the field for the “Star-Spangled Banner.” As the Zac Brown Band performed, Trump attempted to sing along. Many noticed that he didn’t seem to know the words.

While he knew a few singular words, many stanzas, such as “Through the perilous fight/ o’er the ramparts we watched/ were so gallantly streaming,” were completely omitted. A bit ridiculous for someone who knows “so many words.”

There was another famous face also in attendance at the game. For halftime, Kendrick Lamar performed a four-song medley of hits. He did not stray away from his lyrics to say something about Trump, who reportedly left before K. Dot’s performance.

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Naturally, the Internet had a few thoughts about Trump’s pretty unforgivable moment. Check out some tweets below.