A New York Artist Was Hurt After ‘Emotional Support Peacock’ Not Allowed On Flight


United Airlines is having quite a week. First, they allegedly kicked a woman flying to see her dying mother off the plane, and now they have denied a New York artist from bringing her emotional support peacock aboard one of their flights

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The photographer and performance artist Ventiko brought her peacock, Dexter, a ticket for his own seat for her cross-country flight from New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport to Los Angeles. However, Dexter was turned away due to health and safety concerns.

That time Mom and I were first featured in @timeoutnewyork 📷 by @kristaschlueter

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Andrea Hiller, spokeswoman for the Chicago based company, says the issues had been explained to the passenger three times before they even arrived. According to her, Dexter the peacock also did not meet requirements due to its size and weight.

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Not to fret, according to his Instagram, Dexter hitched a ride from his “human friends” who will be taking him cross-country.