The Dallas Police Pulled Erykah Badu Over Just To Say Hi

It’s not uncommon to get pulled over on New Years Eve by police wanting to ensure you and your passengers get home safely. However what is unusual is when a cop stops you just to offer salutations.

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Erykah Badu took to Instagram Sunday (Dec. 31) and recorded her encounter with a Dallas police officer who, like many of us, are fans of the singer-songwriter, but instead of issuing a ticket or telling her she failed to signal before turning, he just wanted to say hi.


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Badu seemed unbothered by the encounter and offered up a sweet smile and a hello in return, however some felt the officers abused their power.

“So its not racial profiling, its legendary black singer profiling lol,” one person wrote under the post. “That’s a damn shame. Can she have some private time?” another wrote.

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Badu recently curated a Fela Kuti Box Set #4 honoring the late Nigerian multi instrumentalist, and while fans of both Badu and the Afrobeat pioneer feasted their ears on the music, it’s also reported someone was trespassing on the singer’s Dallas property.

Do you think the cops crossed a line? Sound off in the comments below.

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