Don’t “Flip” When You See Russ, Keep That Same Energy


Russ’ There’s Really a Wolf was one of the better albums in 2017. At the top of the New Year, the ATL-raised MC released the braggadocio-laden record titled, “Flip.” This week, Russ unveiled the song’s visuals.

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Directed by Edgar Esteves, Russ, dressed jewels and a fur coat, finds himself surrounded by bunch of the comrades in front of a local food mart rapping for the camera.

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“People hating on me, that’s a trend/Big Tim gonna deck you, that’s a friend/Peep my middle finger, that’s a Benz/All my women mixed, that’s a blend/Blow a 100k, I don’t feel a thing, let me pop my shit/People coming at me from all angles, gotta watch my six (woah)/Y’all are checking scores (woah)/I’m just scoring checks (woah),” raps Russ.

Watch the video above.

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