7-Year-Old Florida Girl Saves Family From House Fire


Tracy Durant’s quick thinking saved her family’s home from being engulfed in flames when her mother wasn’t on the premise.

The fire started inside the house, according to WEAR-TV, when Durant’s 13-year-old cousin was cooking chicken. When Durant noticed the fire, she put the fire safety lessons she learned in school to use, ran to a neighbor’s house and asked to call 911.

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Everyone escaped the fire including her 11-month-old cousin. The 13-year-old cousin is in serious condition and is being transported to a hospital in Gainesville, according to the local news station.

“I feel happy to save my baby cousin because I didn’t want him to get killed,” she told WEAR. “He is eleven months and he will turn one next month on the ninth … No one got hurt except for Shemaiah. I really don’t want her to get hurt because she was watching us until momma came back.”

County officials said although the fire started in one room, smoke damage spread throughout the house.