G-Herbo Gives Hope To Chicago Youth In ‘City Of Sorrow’ Documentary


Chicago rapper G-Herbo has reflected on his brutal come-up in his hometown of Hyde Park in numerous mixtapes, but now he’s giving us a more positive visual of what his come-up was like. After dropping his debut album back in September, the Humble Beast, Herb and his Mikkey Halsted recently teamed up with Mass Appeal to cook up a new documentary that sheds light on the hardships he went through while growing up in Chicago.

“The first video I ever shot with Herb was ‘All My N****s’,” said Halsted. “I hired a graffiti artist and I told him ‘Aye bro just go to Herb and make this like a mural for his dead homies. Dude comes back to me like ‘Man, he just gave me 19 names. I don’t even know if I can fit them.’ I’m like ‘Damn he’s 17. He’s got 19 homies that’s been killed?! That he knows?!”

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Halsted says that conversation is what really put Herbo and his crew’s overall struggles into perspective. The documentary goes on to follow Herbo as he returns to his old stomping grounds at Hype Park High School where he visits his previous administrators and teachers. He also speaks to an auditorium full of students who may be full of potential yet may be suffering the way he once did.

“I ain’t had nobody that I looked up to that I can listen to tell me to do this or do that or don’t do this,” Herbo said. “I never had that. I always just want to reflect on my life and situations that I’ve been through that they may have been through or be going through, and help them. They may be on the way to making the decisions I made that I had to learn from.”

Watch G-Herbo and Mass Appeal’s new documentary ‘City Of Sorrow’ below.