G-Herbo Reloads ‘Humble Beast’ Album With New Track “Shook”


G-Herbo proves to be the gift that keeps on giving as he follows the success of his highly anticipated and well-received debut album Humble Beast by reloading the project into a deluxe version with new bonus tracks.

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He uses one of the new songs— “Shook” — to intro his new-found mindset. “I feel like Juelz mixed with Wayne / Mixed with ‘Kiss, mixed with Styles / Mixed with m***********g Cam and Puff,” Herbo gloats as the instrumental builds. “Mixed with ‘Pac and Biggie, Hov.”

Although these are lofty claims, Herbo lays into the booming production with his trademark Chicago flow and aggressive delivery in a way that makes it feel like those comparisons are more like goals rather than the habitual hip-hop braggadocio. And if “Shook” is any indication for the direction of Herbo’s forthcoming projects, the official follow up to Humble Beast –– which debuted in the top 25 of billboard’s 200 chart –– is bound to aid in Herbo’s ascension.

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