Ginuwine Stirs Internet Debate After Refusing To Kiss Trans Woman


It’s safe to say Ginuwine entered the U.K.’s latest season of Celebrity Big Brother with a bang. The R&B singer, who is among the cast of British and American celebritypes on the show, is stirring internet debate for his reaction to a transgender cast member attempting to steal a kiss.

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In a clip from the show, which has been circulating the net, the R&B singer is seated along with television presenter, India Willoughby (who is a trans woman) during a discussion on transphobia.

Willoughby, 51, used Ginuwine as an example of men who wouldn’t date her after finding out that she is transgender. “You would date me, wouldn’t you?” she asks Ginuwine, 47, after maintaining that her intent was not to put him on blast.

“Not if you told me you were trans,” he replies.

After Willoughby clarifies that the father of seven would date her if she weren’t trans, he agrees before pulling a blanket over himself.  Willoughby however, puts her arms around Ginuwine and attempts to kiss him on the cheek. He quickly pulls away and laughs nervously.

Willoughby, who is up for “eviction” from the CBB house, has been catching heat for claiming that she has a “phobia” of drag queens, and comparing them to minstrel shows, reports the Daily Mail. She also said that she would not date a woman.

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As for Ginuwine, his comments about not wanting to date a trans woman have people defending, and blasting the Washington D.C. native. Willoughby is also being accused of sexual harassment.

D.L. Hughley entered the discourse with a tweet comparing Willoughby’s advances towards Ginuwine to Terry Crews being groped by a high-powered male talent agent.

Check out more tweets on the debate below.

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