You Can Still Ignore Your Friends By Disabling The “Show Activity” Feature On Instagram

Read receipts and active messenger alerts were great in theory but over time, have become a bit of a headache for iPhone or active Facebook users. The folks over at Instagram seemed to ignore this when implementing their latest feature that allows friends to see how active you are.

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The Verge reports “Show Activity Status” popped up on users Thursday (Jan. 18). The feature only allows your followers to see your activity status by way of your direct messages. Some friends’ statues are simple like “active two days ago” but others are more detailed by trickling down the mere minutes a user was checking out The Shade Room.

This would be great for users to operate Instagram as means of business, but can be troublesome to those who are ignoring friends or future exes.

CREDIT: Instagram

To turn off the feature, head over to your settings where you can disable the feature. While not everyone has seen this update on their page, it’s likely that it will be everywhere soon.

CREDIT: Instagram

Enjoy ignoring your friends for now. With Facebook already having a similar function, the app may just keep it around for the long haul.

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