Hulu Answers Prayers By Adding ‘Living Single’ To Its Lineup


After securing Shonda Rhimes, it’s clear that Netflix is moving the “streaming war” away from just music, taking the leap from movies to the realm of television. However, Hulu – their biggest foe – does not seem to be free-kill, as they countered Netflix by announcing Tuesday (Jan. 9) they will be offering their customers the opportunity to stream popular 90s sitcom, Living Single.

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Since pleas for the series that stars a budding Queen Latifah to hit streaming services came mainly from the timeline, it was fitting that Hulu delivered this news via Twitter, tweeting: “It’s a ‘90s kind of world. Again. Living Single, the entire series, streams January 11 only on Hulu.”

This is a huge acquisition for Hulu. After housing Seinfeld since 2015, in July, the company gained all the rights to ABC’s iconic “TGIF” line up which paired popular shows like Family Matters and Full House with NBC’s iconic series.

Gaining Living Single also makes Hulu look like the leader in landing the series’ reboot – which according to Queen Latifah’s comments plus the relaunch of vintage shows like Roseanne – seems more of a possibility than ever before.

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But, outside of the Hulu/Netflix beef and reboot rumors, Living Single is noted as a cultural staple. Its five seasons served as the basis for the successful series, Friendsand has been used countless times as a muse for popular media. Still, many view the series as “underrated.” Because of this, adding Living Single to a place like Hulu, where it can be appreciated over and over again, only seems right for fans of this series.