Watch Jamila Woods’ Amazing ‘Tiny Desk Concert’


Jamils woods wears many hats, but aside from being a phenomenal singer/songwriter, the Chicago poet is an educator and community organizer. She aims to spread cultural awareness, social activism and good ol’ fashioned love with her music. For NPR’s latest Tiny Desk Concert, Ms. Woods did just that.

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“My mission as an artist is always to create art that’s useful,” Woods told NPR. “I want my music to feel like it has a tangible effect on people, like it allows them to check in with themselves, feel affirmed, feel able to continue into their day or into their path with renewed energy and a renewed sense of self, because … that’s what I hope to manifest in myself.”

Watch the performance below.

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“Blk Girl Soldier”

Jamila Woods, Erik Hunter, Justin Canavan, Ralph Schaefer, Aminata Burton