‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Penalized For Mispronouncing Coolio Song

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Enunciation and pronunciation is important for success on the legendary quiz show, Jeopardy!. However, every so often, a question comes along that challenges the contestants to ditch being proper in favor of some flavor. Nick Spicher, a recent contestant on the show, learned that lesson the hard way.

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While he correctly answered the question combining John Milton’s blank-verse poem “Paradise Lost” with Coolio’s 90s hit “Gangsta’s Paradise,” Spicher’s mispronunciation of the word “gangsta” as “gangster” resulted in a $3,200 loss after the show’s judges noticed the flub.

On Twitter, Spicher, who won the game during his episode, wrote that the executive producer of the show told him about his error during a commercial break.

“…since that was my reaction, that of course means that yes, “Gangsta’s” would have been correct,” he wrote. “They had every right to call me out on it.”

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While many people may have seen this as bogus reason for the contestant to lose a decent amount of money, rules are most certainly rules and words most certainly matter.