Kevin Gates Reportedly Plans On Helping Troubled Teens Post-Prison

Following his Wednesday (Jan. 10) release from an Illinois prison, rapper Kevin Gates plans on helping teens from following the same wayward path of crime.

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Herschel Rush, Gates’ attorney, spoke with TMZ and insists the rapper will be “devoting considerable time and resources talking to troubled teens and sharing anecdotes from his own life in hopes they’ll avoid the same pitfalls.”

Within the past few years, Gates’ life has been riddled with crime as he was first sentenced to six-months in jail for kicking a woman in the chest at one of his concerts. In March, as he was about to be released he was then arrested for a felony gun possession which is the 30-month sentence he was currently serving.

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Last week (Jan. 5), news broke that the By Any Means 2 rapper would be released on parole earlier than expected for good behavior.