Kevin McCall Thinks Black Women Focus Too Much On Work And Not Enough On Family

Kevin McCall had a few things to get off his chest as it pertains to black women. Over the weekend, the singer-songwriter took to social media to allege black women need to stop putting working for a white man before their family, before their destiny and before their children.

“And then you wonder why n***as can’t really rock with you because you’re trying to do our job,” the “Deuces” singer-songwriter said.

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Standing in what appeared to be a bathroom, McCall said he doesn’t believe in money, but the only reason why he has money is for his wife, but if black women continue to work then it’ll be difficult for a strong union to be formed.

“I’m the one who wrote “Deuces” so we can have a mansion one day, feel me? But if you’re busy working then I can never get to know you. My mom was so busy trying to show me love working that she never was home. I hope my fiancee don’t make that mistake.”

It didn’t take long for McCall’s comments to merit a reaction. One user, @kervainp said McCall can have his point of view, despite how backwards it may be. “Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even the simple minded fools. Black women keep grinding and shining. You’re appreciated!”

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Another user wondered why anyone would even pay attention to McCall to begin with.”Why are we even giving this deranged man the time of day?” A user by the name of wrote.

So what say you? Does Kevin McCall have a point? Or Should Kevin McCall find a park bench, church pew or front stoop and have a seat? Sound off in the comments.