Kid Ink Returns Calls “Tell Somebody” The Rebirth Of His Sound

Kid Ink has never been one to be boxed in when it comes to his wide-ranging abilities as an artist. After not releasing a project last year, the 31-year-old is expected to return with a solo effort at some point in the middle of 2018. The Los Angeles native returns to heat up the new year with the Dez Wright-produced “Tell Somebody.”

The “Show Me” rapper/producer has another potential hit on his hands, as Ink caresses the high-hat-laden record with three fresh verses and an introspective hook. Speaking exclusively to Billboard about his latest offering, Kid Ink believes he’s getting back to himself as a musician.

“This record feels like the rebirth of the Kid Ink sound to me,” he explains. “The same way I felt as a producer, just having fun making music with no pressure of fitting any vibe or a specific sound. I have always had the melodies and energy — I just feel like they will be accepted more in today’s climate, which is really exciting for me.”

Kid Ink continued to expand on his willingness to stray away from a typical sounding record. “With the streaming game altering the dynamics of everything I feel like now is the time for me to break from the “traditional radio sound” expected from me,” he offers, “and just have fun again releasing whatever I want and let the fans decide if it’s a hit or not.”

The artist also joined Billboard Radio China last month for an in-depth conversation about redefining independence and much more. Listen to the interview here and make sure to “Tell Somebody” about the new track below.