Members Of KKK Mock MLK Day With Recruitment Flyers


Ku Klux Klan members in Virginia reportedly distributed “propaganda material” over the weekend out of spite for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, according to reports.

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WTOP reports Loudon County law enforcement officials received four complaints about the flyers Saturday (Jan. 13) morning. Weighted down by hard candy and bird seed, baggies containing KKK brochures and flyers with “hate-filled comments” about the commemorated civil rights leader, according to NBC Washington.

One flyer said “On Martin Luther King Day…… You Are Honoring a Communist Alcoholic Pervert,” according to WTOP. Police confirmed the flyers were distributed randomly without targeting specific people due to the approach of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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Investigators with the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office are working with the FBI to find a suspect, but the local news organization notes unless someone’s safety is threatened, there may not be much police can do about the hate speech.