Jimmy Kimmel Shows That Americans Think MLK Is Still Alive


Jimmy Kimmel’s nighttime talk show segment “Lie Witness News” proves people don’t know much about what’s going on around them. However, the Martin Luther King Jr. edition of the segment, broadcast on MLK Day (Jan. 15), is cringe-worthy indeed.

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An on-the-street correspondent is seen asking passerby’s about the latest Donald Trump/MLK Jr. Twitter feud. While most people know that MLK was assassinated 50 years ago, these poor fools made sure to tell the camera that there’s always been tension between the two cultural figures.

“Well, it seems Donald Trump isn’t really into African-Americans, we’ll say,” one young woman said, while another insisted that there’s nothing wrong with Trump calling MLK a “fish-eyed fool jive turkey” if “it’s true.” We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry here, folks.

In perhaps the most shocking moment, a young man explains that MLK may have missed Trump’s 2017 inauguration because of varying reasons- one of which being a possible funeral.

“Maybe he had something else to go to…a family event,” he proclaimed. “Yeah, maybe a funeral. Maybe he just watched it on TV.” Nope, he did not.

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Watch below.