Lil Xan And Nardwuar Discuss The Rapper’s Name Change, His Love for Big L & More

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Lil Xan hit Vancouver with his team of Xanarchists for a concert — and you know they had to check in with the one and only Nardwuar, The Human Serviette. Per usual, the O.G. journalist pulled out well-researched question after well-researched question and even got to the bottom of the small riot that Xan started in Redlands.

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“It was always a dream of mine because Redlands, CA in our hometown, East LA,” says Xan about the show. “I put out a tweet saying, ‘Meet me here at this time’ and I didn’t think anything of it. But instead of the 50 people I anticipated, I’d say about 2,000 people came. When the police helicopter came, it just got wild and I was like ‘I’m getting arrested for sure.’ But it was for my own protection and to get my name so they could write the checks for all the fines.”

Nardwuar also talked about two of the people that were instrumental in the the 21-year-old’s quick rise in rap. His whole team was there as well — including acclaimed videographer Cole Bennet, Steve Cannon (who “discovered” Xan) and his manager Stat Quo.

While diving into the budding rapper’s childhood along with memorabilia associated with his parents and upbringing, Narduwar asked about Xan’s “backpack swag” and his name change to just “Diego.” The rapper was also gifted with an original “Ebonics” / “Size ‘Em Up” record by Big L who Xan idolized as a kid.

Lil Xan’s tour began in Vancouver on January 25 and will close in Atlanta on March 6.