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Metro Boomin Talks Gap Logo Remix Campaign With SZA & Not 'Tripping' Over Grammy Snub

Metro sat down with Billboard Magazine. 

For all of 2017, Metro Boomin -- without hesitation -- usurped the throne as the hottest producer in hip-hop with his indomitable work ethic. Boasting a formidable resume that includes collaborative projects with Gucci Mane (DropTopWop), Big Sean (Double or Nothing), Nav (Perfect Timing) and 21 Savage and Offset (Without Warning), it was a shocker to the hip-hop community when Young Metro was snubbed by the Grammy committee for producer of the year.

Despite the snub, Metro is moving forward and has his eyes set on a fiery run in 2018. Before concluding his banner year in 2017, he and MadeinTYO released their blistering collaboration "MadeInBoomin," which had the internet salivating for a project between the two stars. Though Metro is currently pushing the boundaries of hip-hop with his production prowess, he's also making moves to bolster his brand. Earlier this week, he partnered with Gap for their newest campaign alongside SZA and Sabrina Claudio.

Named as the music director for the Grammy Gap Remix, the campaign "features a global cast of talent who are remixing creative culture on their own terms, whether that be through music, acting, comedy, activism, or being a strong, self-expressive voice in today's society."

Billboard spoke to Metro about his new collaboration with Gap, teaming up with SZA, his Grammy snub, and his prediction for best rap album on Sunday night (Jan 28). You can also check out his remix of the Thompson Twins classic "Hold Me Now" for the Gap campaign below, as it's now available on all streaming platforms.

What made you decide to link up with the Grammy Gap Remix campaign?
Gap is an iconic brand, so it was a no-brainer.

You were able to team up with SZA for the campaign. What can you tell us about that experience?
I mean, it was cool, you know? Everybody on the cast are real talented in their own way in their own fields, you know what I'm saying? So it was a blessing as far as the talent to just be able to come together with a common goal like that and I met SZA a few times before. She's real cool, she's from St. Louis like me, so everything was all good.

Was there anybody in particular as far as talent that surprised you as far as their abilities?
I wouldn't even say surprised me.

Why's that?
I feel like everybody came and played their part and did their own [thing]. It was all good.

What made you decide to remix the "Hold Me Now" record by Thompson Twins for the campaign? You could've gone in any direction, but you opted to do that. Why?
That's actually the song that they already chose. So I definitely knew the song before, and it was cool to be able to touch that and put a twist on it.

Can you take fans back to when you were mini metro and talk about if you had any great experiences shopping at the Gap?
Nah. When I was young I didn't wear a lot of Gap. I remember seeing the Gap store, though. It's just how big it was, you know what I'm saying. I remember going there a couple times. So, as an adult, to come back full circle and work with the brand like that was real dope.

You had an iconic 2017 with your collaborative projects by working with collaborations 21 Savage and Offset, Big Sean and Gucci Mane. What would you say was your biggest highlight of 2017?
Of 2017? That's hard to say man, It's like we in the game and you don't ever really look up at the scoreboard. You just keep playing. So I didn't really go through these [kinds of things] and just think it. I'm grateful for all the blessings but I'm always trying to do something better.

Because of your stellar 2017, did you feel snubbed in any kind of way as far as not being nominated for producer of the year for the Grammys?
You know, we don't be tripping off stuff like that. We just keep it moving, man. I feel like for the people, it's more important than [awards]. I'm just here to service the people. As long as that happens what I do, that's really all that what matters to me.

Which collaborative project brought the most out of you creatively last year?
I can't even say because I feel like with any project, album or whatever I do, I approach it with the same level of integrity and creativity, it's just about giving everybody their own world.

I know you and Madeintyo teased a project, as well. What do you guys have cooking up that fans can expect?
That's my boy. We just be making songs.

If you could can give me your NBA comparison, who would you say you are?
I don't know, man. I feel like the humility in myself wouldn't let me answer that question because I wouldn't feel right. If I was like, "Yeah, n---a I'm the LeBron!" I wouldn't even feel right saying that.

You just let the resume speak for itself.
Yeah, I'm just Young Metro.

With the Grammys on Sunday, who do you think will be taking home best rap album? You have JAY-Z's 4:44, Migos, Tyler, The Creator with Flower Boy, Rapsody's Laila's Widsom, and of course, Kendrick's DAMN.
I don't know. I think Kendrick's strong man. I fuck with Kendrick. I fuck with Migos. Like, we got history. Seeing the Migos winning, that would be good. But, you know, whoever wins. I fuck with Kendrick hard, too, though. You know, he had a very, very dope album.

This story was first posted to Billboard.

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